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While Vegas odds did peg her as the most likely to ascend to the dubious honor of Next Celebrity Breakdown or at least Caesers did, according to my bookiesomehow she just seems like an unruly rapscallion. This video was shot last year at the wrap party for "The Last Song" but wasn't leaked until May. And sometimes so is age A mere ten days after turning legal, rumored naked pics of Miley posing in her best flannel hit the web. Yeah, yeah, Miley's people are saying it's salvia, a legal yet powerful hallucinogenic that gives the smoker a short-term LSD-like trip, but we all know that Miley is being filmed taking a hit of the green. Lindsay Lohan, speaking in Middle Eastern accent, tries to kidnap homeless kids and gets punched in face. But, man, sometimes age 15 is like that.

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I got up there and did my job which is to perform to the best of my ability.

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25 Pictures Of Miley Cyrus’ Ass

The video, however, is an entirely different thing. As for the daughters, well, let's just say chaperons at school dances are in high demand. As for the rest of us, we should continue watching this now-infamous clip of Miley living or lighting it up. For extra laughs, we should also watch the SNL Miley sketch where they address her "drug problem" at 1: We've had a few releases of almost naked, always creepy, Miley pics but never had we been 'privy' to seeing the whole schbang until now.

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miley cyrus ass shot
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miley cyrus ass shot
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