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Most, says George Assi, a spokesman of Helem, the only gay and lesbian organization in the Arab world, are in despair over the fact that they cannot be as virtuous as their religion prescribes. Abir embodies yet another archetype in Arab-Islamic moral society. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an imam who lives in Qatar and has a television show on Arab network Al Jazeera, considers homosexuality as an especially decadent monster created by the West. Without the test she would not have been granted a German visa. The country's once-blossoming worlds of art and literature are especially affected. Google Trends, a new service offered by the search engine, provides a way to demonstrate how difficult it is to banish forbidden yearnings from the heads of Muslims. Abir obtained a divorce and took a job in a bar, where she met wealthy foreigners.

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The sources seem to clearly support this notion.

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Ordinary women were asked to talk about love and sex. She wears shorts and a pink T-shirt. Homosexuality is more than just a taboo in the Islamic world. Her mother was dead, her father bedridden and she had been making a meager living as a maid. Homosexuals are referred to in Arabic as "Luti," or people from the city of the Lut, which is mentioned in the Koran and the Bible and is described as having been destroyed by God's wrath.

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