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Who cares about your moralistic bullshit. If not the action alone is questionable in comparison to the proclivities of the actress, the purpose of the action is morally objectionable, and the internet equivalent of attempting to view someone through their window. I am the sort of person who enjoys being put into a world of exquisite pain and I fully expect her to give me just this sort of treatment. I love this girl more now. If I were her, I would be worried.

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In the first mirror photo you can see lines of white powder on the counter, on the right hand side of the pic.

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In my final thought on the matter, which means nothing, but I presume correct all the same, it can be established that friends do not make the effort to sift through photos of theirs friends looking for some kind of nudity while passing judgment. Beavis, actually, it is. I think its a bit hypocritical for someone visiting a site hosting photos that were illegally aquired to be judging an adult for deciding to take ANY substance. So many fags comment on this site, only a fag would complain about seeing a woman either naked, or almost naked. She is so goddamn fucking hot! She seems quite the little part girl. Calling the kettle black.

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