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June 19, TV debut came with the Saturday morning children's show Bone Chillers; breakthrough role was Lindsay Weir on the acclaimed but short-lived teen drama Freaks and Geeks. Linda Cardellini biography, pictures, credits, quotes, awards, reviews, watch online and more Linda grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, High quality Linda Cardellini pictures and hot pictures, Linda Cardellini news, biography, contact information and much more. She is of Italian from her paternal grandfatherIrish from her motherGerman, English, and Scottish descent. She was the lead in Bone Chillersan ABC children's show, and was also the voice of the heroine in the role-playing video game Gladius. We've had an image of Linda being called on down in our Golden Gallery for years now.

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In she received her first taste in the limelight, appearing on an episode of the popular game show "The Price is Right", but she wouldn't really break into the entertainment industry until two years later.

The Quick 10: 10 Celebrities Who Appeared on Game Shows Pre-Stardom

Though sharp-eyed Game Show Channel fanatics may recall her from her fireplace-winning stint on The Price Is Right or her appearance on Family Feud, pretty actress Linda Cardellini may be most affectionately known among her fans for her memorable early role as conflicted high school student Lindsay Weir on the short-lived television series The Price is Right - Bloopers, Moments and Exciting Wins - Duration: She said that she "just got around to setting it up They are listening to feedback wherever feasible, but they can't repeat the past. Please login or register. Fourth celebrity to appear on the show after Vanna White, Aaron, and iJustine.

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